3 फेज अल्टरनेटर जनरेटर और मोटर। 3 phase Alternator & Motor

सिंगल फेज और थ्री फेज अल्टरनेटर जनरेटर और मोटर, अल्टरनेटर क्या होता है ? अल्टरनेटर की कार्य सिद्धांत , स्टेटर रोटर और एक्ससिटेर के बारेमें जानिए ,किर्लोस्कर थ्री फेज अल्टरनेटर की प्राइस

Thyristor Working Principle |थाइरिस्टर का कार्य सिद्धांत

Thyristor working principle in hindi थाइरिस्टर का कार्य सिद्धांत हिंदी में types of thyristor थाइरिस्टर के प्रकार what is working principle of thyristor or scr थाइरिस्टर पीडीएफ का कार्य सिद्धांत working principle of thyristor

7 Types Of Electromagnetic Waves.

Electromagnetic waves are one of the most basic building blocks of nature. They are also an unappreciated part of our everyday lives, far too often ignored by technologists. In this blog, we discuss the history of electromagnetic waves and their many uses. We’ll also cover how they are used in this day and age.

The Evolution & Inventions of Electromagnetic Waves

Technology-based on electromagnetic waves has changed the world in this hyper-connected world. It has become easier to access the internet than to drinking water or toilets. We can be everywhere all the time. See everything, know everything, say everything. Electromagnetic waves travel through space at 300 kilometers per second at this speed. The notion of distance and time becomes, for example, that the closest planetary system to us, Alpha Centauri, with today’s technology, is located a little over four light-years away. It would take us around 100000 years to get there physically, but it would only take four years for an electromagnetic wave to reach. It makes you think.